What is the 21-Day Data Challenge

Data Analysis is one of the most valuable skills you can learn to upskill your career and standout in a competitive job market.

The wide applicability of data skills is why they've become very valuable. But developing a new skill can be difficult. You've probably already worked with data in some shape or form, reviewing a spreadsheet of statistics or managing customer data. But to truly learn how to master data, you need to dive right in and immerse yourself in it. You need to commit to practicing every day.

That's why Lighthouse Labs created the 21-Day Data Challenge. By spending just 10-20 minutes a day working at these challenges, you can build up your data skillset. The challenge is fun, free, and lucrative, too. You'll have the chance to win some really exciting prizes.

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How much experience do I need

None at all. For those completely new to data, we've created some resources that will help you prepare for the daily challenges. Plus, you'll have access to a community forum where you can get hints and tips from fellow participants and our team of mentors.

We'll Help You Prep

How does it work

Starting February 17th, you'll have 21 days to build a data habit through the challenges. The challenges take just 10-20 minutes to complete, and they're designed to be fun. You'll play as Dot, an urbanite who decides to try and foster an off-the-grid lifestyle by moving to a cabin away from the city. You'll use data skills to help Dot find their way from surviving to thriving in their new rural environment.

These challenges are designed to help you build a daily data practice, but you can still catch up if you miss a day here and there. All the daily challenges will be online until March 9th. We'll help encourage you to build a regular habit with special daily prize giveaways.

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How do I start


Make an account to start your data journey. Signing up qualifies you for the grand prize draw, even without completing a challenge.


You can participate either by yourself or as part of a team. Compile your expertise with friends, family, or colleagues to have a better chance to score higher and win a team prize.


Take a look at the resources we've put together to help you prepare for the daily challenges.

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